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Agriculture Insurance

There’s no such thing as a fair-weather farmer. But while producers accept the potential of a drought or flood, they can mitigate the risks with comprehensive insurance. Lloyd Sadd offers solutions to help agri-businesses remain profitable in the face of worst-case scenarios like poor weather, theft, fire, equipment damage, or accidents.

Lloyd Sadd’s specialists understand that today’s agricultural industry is growing in diversity and complexity. That’s why we build customized insurance solutions that fit operations of all sizes (from small holdings to large estates) and trades (from beef and dairy to agricultural contracting).

Our policies are designed to protect all aspects of your farm, including buildings, machinery, vehicles, livestock and produce. New legislation in Alberta outlines greater protections for the health and safety of paid workers on ranches and farms but also makes agri-businesses more vulnerable to liability. Fortunately, our experts can find you the right insurance products to protect your business in the event of an adverse event on your property.

Farming may be unpredictable, but the right insurance plan can help your business grow — in any kind of weather.

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