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Property Management & Real Estate Insurance

As the real estate sector adjusts to economic changes, property owners, managers and development companies face added challenges. Continued profitability hinges on smart investment decisions, but also their ability to sidestep the many liabilities associated with properties.

Lloyd Sadd works with property owners and management companies to mitigate the many risks to their operations, including both bricks-and-mortar threats (like fie or water damage) and more complex liabilities (like contractual obligations or health-and-safety). Our in-house property management experts bring more than 30 years of experience to the table and work with companies in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate and development.

We invest time getting to know your business and properties to identify risk exposures and customize a risk management plan that works for you. In the process of doing so, our team will conduct site visits and review your company’s contracts, lease agreements, and maintenance and contractor agreements. Risks we can’t mitigate can be covered with a comprehensive insurance program that may include: property and business interruption, machinery breakdown, pollution, terrorism, and slip, trip and fall liability. Whatever your insurance needs, Lloyd Sadd will leverage strong relationships with insurance providers to offer you preferred rates.

Like bricks in a wall, every element of your risk management program needs to fit together perfectly — otherwise, you’re headed for leaks down the road. Contact us today to learn how we can work with you to make your company watertight.

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