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Oil & Gas Contractors

Solve your Contractor Insurance Compliance Problems Now

Managing the insurance compliance of your Oil & Gas Contractors takes up valuable time and resources – yet may still leave your company at risk of coverage shortfalls. Lloyd Sadd offers an On-line Oil & Gas Contractors Insurance Program (OGCIP) designed to make life easier for busy Oil & Gas producers and their service contractors.

6 Reasons why the OGCIP is your solution

1. Ensures full compliance with your corporation’s mandated insurance requirements for contractors working on your behalf
2. Preferential insurance rates
3. On-line access for 24/7 quotes and policies
4. Reduced administration knowing the OGCIP is a compliant insurance solution
5. Enhanced business relationships with your valued contractors
6. Customizable OGCIP marketing material for distribution to your contractors

Coverage highlights

• Commercial General Liability
• Sudden & Accidental Pollution Liability
• Forest Fire Fighting Expenses
• Non-Owned Automobile Liability
• Miscellaneous Tools (incl. Laptop) Floater – $25,000 Limit
Coverage limits are available up to $5,000,000 unless otherwise stated above

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